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New Luika Gold Mine  

MCD worked with Shanta Gold at its flagship New Luika Mine, Tanzania from 2013 - 2017 to develop a sustainable off-grid power solution for the processing plant and camp. MCD provided extensive consultancy on the existing diesel fired power plant and the alternative power sourcing and deployment options available to the company. A detailed economic assessment was carried out taking into account the resources available, the environment in which the company was operating, the minerals being extracted and a number of other variables. Following a tendering process, a Heavy Fuel Oil Power Plant with a Solar Hybrid PV farm plant was selected by the client. MCD supervised the installation of the HFO power plant and the fuel storage facility which was commissioned in early 2014. The permanent 8MW HFO plant with 1MW of Solar Power was completed in May 2017.

By opting for the solution recommended by MCD, Shanta Gold has made fuel savings in excess of 30% over the previously installed diesel fired power plant and saves 400T of carbon per annum.  

Hummingbird Resources 

Hummingbird Resources is a junior mining  company who have successfully developed their first mine to production at Yanfolila in  Mali and are now focusing on their other gold asset at Dugbe in  Liberia. Between 2013 and 2017 MCD conducted several high-level, economic assessments for the company at both locations.

The studies examined diverse power options, including biomass, gas, solar and assessed the stability of the grid and availability of fuel at remote sites.  The power evaluation assessment was integral to the subsequent bankable  feasibility studies  for the Dugbe Shear Zone project and for the flagship Yanfolila Gold Mine project which was  commissioned in 2018.

At Yanfolila, Hummingbird has installed a 7.2MW diesel fired rental plant with the option to  add solar-PV as an energy efficiency measure at a future date. 


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