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About Us

Organisations operating in remote locations are not just large consumers of power but they are also a driving force behind new capacity instalments. Working in diverse and challenging locations, mining companies, IOC’s and utilities have the potential to be the accelerator behind innovative, cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable power solutions. And yet frequently power and energy strategies are not given the due consideration they deserve. Efficient power and energy solutions play an integral role in all successful global operations.


MCD is an  energy  consultancy with a difference. We work to transform the way in which organisations across the globe think about and utilise power to manage costs and optimise results.

MCD has a multifaceted team with 20 years’ experience in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We have developed a strong network of suppliers, clients and contacts in the energy, utility, oil and gas and mining sectors. Drawing on our expertise and extensive industry network, MCD analyses power requirements and develops solutions to meet our client’s specific needs.


At MCD we don’t believe in one fits all solutions for our clients – each organization operates in a different environment with variable resources and individual challenges.  MCD provides the power of informed choice.

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